Hi and thank you for visiting our shop! 

Our names are Matt & Val. We've collaborated on many projects together since 2012, and we are so excited to embark on this People Via Plants adventure.  In our previous projects when we worked with plants we always wondered - Should we make our own planters? The answer was... Yes! Starting out making planters with many shapes and sizes, we have since branched out to include a variety of other objects for the home.

Each object is a one of a kind design, slip cast, hand chased, and glazed. We love experimenting where to find shapes, from found objects, hand carving, 3d designs with CNC routing, 3d printing, and more to come. All of our planters are lovingly named after characters from our favorite childhood movies. 

With the repetition of form we are able to experiment with color combinations and glazes with the different textures so every one is unique.  We are always excited to work with customers to find the right shape and color for them, so please don't hesitate to contact us!